Have you ever tried taking a selfie with the rear camera? If yes, then you know it’s a bit tricky to take a nice looking selfie without some practise because you just don’t see yourself or where to press to take a photo. The obvious solution seems to take a selfie with front camera, but as you probably noticed most phone’s front camera is inferior to back camera (if you own HTC Desire Eye this is not true for you). Not to mention that many phones simply don’t have front camera.

We address this issues with the new Android app Back Camera Selfie. You simply turn the phone around and the app will voice guide you so you know in which direction you should move or tilt your phone or camera. This app voice guides a photographer helping her make a perfectly positioned selfie with the phone’s back camera. It is a unique app that uses state-of-the-art face detection technology and processes camera frames in real-time in order to provide the voice guidance. Use is really simple – the photographer just needs to lean or move the phone as instructed and when the position is correct a photo is taken automatically.

The voice guidance is available in: english, spanish, french, portuguese, italian, german, russian, chinese, japanese, slovene and indonesian languages.

Of course it works also with front camera. You can also take multi selfie (group selfie or usie) – it will guide you to the nearest face..