E-Inspect Food Additives

Completely free app that will help you identify food additives you can find on list of food ingredients. We want to inform everyone what kind of food we all eat especially what additives are in our food.

Some additives are very harmful for our health, especially for the small children and when eaten in large quantities. Some additives are quite harmless, so it is very important to know the difference between them.

List of all additives

Full list of food additives. It contain more than 500 additives. Additives are sometimes referred as E-numbers.

5 safety levels

  • considered safe
  • suspicious
  • avoid
  • dangerous
  • risk unknown

Completely free

The app is completely free. It doesn’t have ads, no permissions it doesn’t require Internet connection. We promise it will continue to be such.

Approved in EU

For each E-number you can see if it’s approved in EU or not. We used the list from the website ELC-EU.

Alternative names

Some additives have also many alternative names which are being used instead of their “official” name. We tried our best and searched many alternative names for each E-number. Thought it’s possible we didn’t get them all.

Search filters

Search by additive name or alternative name, description or E number.


If the additive is synthetic and/or natural and whether the additive is animal based which means that it is not suitable for vegetarians.


Filter by safety levels or categories (colours, preservative, antioxidants, stabilizers, emulsifiers, acidity regulators, anit-caking agent, flavour enhancers, antibiotics, sweeteners, glazing agent, etc).

Sort and language

Sort by name or number.

The app is available in english and slovene language.

We believe that if we eat food that does not contain harmful additives we can do something good for our health and for the environment as well. Many kinds of food are available with or without harmful additives. To be able to choose the healthy food we need to know the additives – that is the reason we developed this app for Android. Really hope you’ll find it handy and helpful!


The app is being developed by two independent developers (Fueneco team). We believe that everyone should be able to know what they are putting into their body and that’s why we are giving this app completely free. We have many plans how to further improve the app and include new features but that (of course) takes time and effort.

If you like the app and wish to support our effort we kindly invite you to donate! Thank you! We appreciate it!

Examples of safety levels in the app