How to make funny Halloween photos

1. You need an Android mobile device

Yeah, sorry iPhone, Windows, also BlackBerry people, this is just for Android. So make sure you have one at hand. Then and only then will you be able to make very funny, interesting, unique Halloween photos , which you’ll be gladly sending them to all your friends, family and maybe even to your boss.
Just a tip (if you don’t own Android): simple borrow it from the lucky people which have Android. This tip is especially useful in cases when you want to send photos to your boss.

2. Download the app

This app is floating around on various Android app stores. Just choose one of them and then ready-steady-GOOOO. Oh, yes, the name of the app is Photo Talks Halloween. But you’ll probably hear of it sooner or later any way.

Get it on Google Play

3. Open the app

Kind of obvious, don’t you think so?

4. Make some nice photos

This app needs photos, so let’s go and make some with this app or just grab some from your Gallery. For sure you have in the Gallery tons of good looking pictures. It’s a little bit better if you force people to look straight in the camera, but if they don’t obey you: follow the step 5.

Let’s pretend now this is you and your beautiful partner on this gorgeous picture. Press some buttons and VOILA! The app could turn your face or your partner into pumpkin, devil, ghost, old man, venetian mask, green creature or other frightfully delightfull creatures or put a witch hat, devil horns on your head. Additionaly creates bubbles with predefined text to look like the two of you are having conversation on the photo.

5. Do some Mambo Jambo

With the result you’ll get, do some adjustments: edit the mask – make it bigger than your head for example, turn it around, change the mask, add one or two masks, change the title (greetings) at the botton or even remove it completely from the photo, change the text, it’s size and color, get another dialog, change the appearance and the opacity of the speech balloon,…

Well, yes, you can add also 10 pumpkins, no problem. We know you love pumpkins as much as we do. In fact you can make also a photo entirely out of pumpkins. Only your imagination is the limit.

You probably noticed this app automatically generates dialouges between people as speech bubbles on the photo, but you are free as a bird to change the text. Or even add one or two bubbles. If you are not happy with the generated text just tap the button with the image of bubble again and voila a whole new dialouge appears.

6. Stop and admire your final result

Who could recognize you?

7. Go and scare other people

Happily send this photo to your friends or – if you have guts – to your boss.

Our suggestion: make sure you send at least one photo to the poor miserable people without Android. Let them know what are they missing!

8. Miscellaneous

A. Family

f you have a wonderful family and didn’t get time to get the costumes for them (maybe you were just rather spending your time on the beach), Photo talks Halloween to the rescue. Perform steps from 1. to 6. and then sends lovely Halloween greetings as shown below to proud grandparents. You probably don’t want to scare them…. Or do you? 😉

B. Price

If you did perform the step 2, then you know it’s a free app. It might come as a surprise to you but also the makers of apps have bills to pay and of course we want to become rich (famous not so necessary), so we’ve put ads on the app. But not to worry, the ads are classical one – just banners, no push notification etc.

C. Bugs

You don’t want bugs in your house and we know you also don’t want them in such a wonderful app. But life is nor perfect nor is this app. If you encounter some nasty bug in our app, please do be so kind and inform us about it (preferably with details where this happened) and we’ll do some bugbusters action. Our address is or fill the contact form.

We know there is one tricky bug out there. We have seen only traces from him, but for the love of God we can’t nail it down!! Fortunately it is rarely seen, there is a big chance you won’t encounter this nasty bug.

E. Visit our Facebook Page or Google Plus

For more examples of what can be done with the photos or just inspiratrion do make this one click and visit our Facebook page, follow us on Google Plus or follow us on Instagram.
If you want us and other people to see your photos just post them with hashtag #PhotoTalksHalloween.

F. Rate this app

But only if you’ll give it 5 stars. This is really, really, really important for us and you would please us enormously! Maybe we will mention you and your good work in our memories.

G. Decorate any photo

You can put speech bubbles or masks to any photo!


Android in bat's hats

I. Tell us in the comments below who did you scare, which face of your friends did you change or just tells us how much you would want to have this app.

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