Look Like Cat

Want to look like cat or wild cat?

With this nice app for Android you can turn yourself or your friends into domestic or wild cat like lion, leopard, puma, black puma, lynx, gepard. You can have a “conversation” between people on the photo with predefined text in speech bubbles. Or you can have only masks, no talk clouds.

Lion and a bubble

28 masks

Choose from 28 masks of domestic kittens or wild cats like gepard, lynx, lion, leopard, puma. The masks are grouped in two sets.

Face recognition

This Android app automatically recognizes the faces of the people on the photo and creates comics – predefined text in speech bubbles for those people.

Predefined dialogs

You’ll get many predefined text (in english) for people on the photo shown in speech or thought bubbles. Text is associated with cats and wild animals.

If you like to turn yourself to a cat you might want to try as well our app Look Like Puppy. The use of the app is basically the same - you get to choose the masks of cute puppies, dogs or typical Australian animals.