Use selfie camera app for best results

Back Camera Selfie App

You want to take awesome selfie but your phone has only rear camera?
Taking selfies with back camera can be a bit tricky. The quality of the photo is usually superior but you simply just don’t see yourself and some help would be nice. You can read about some tricks to stand in front of the mirror etc. But there is also a better was to take perfect selfie by using an app (nowadays everything can be done with an app :-)). And you beet we have an app just for that.

Back Camera Selfie app for Android will instruct you with “RIGHT”, “LEFT”, “UP”, “DOWN” and “SMILE” so you’ll know how to move your device. You don’t need to press any button – when your face is in perfect position (when you hear “SMILE”) the photo will be taken automatically.

Pro version with no ads

You can also get a pro version of this app. It doesn’t have ads but has an additional feature. You can get it on the app stores below. Please, note, we offer this app on Google Play through our distribution partner.

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One thought on “Use selfie camera app for best results

  1. Danya

    This app is really the best one for taking selfies. I’ve made many selfies with it! Such a cool idea to use a voice!

    LOOOOVE IT!! Thank you!


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